Project Spotlights

Mar 2, 2022

Golden State Warriors – Warriors Shop


We created a retail hoop chandelier for the Golden State Warriors at the Warriors Shop, a 10,000 square foot store featuring the latest Nike gear and the largest selection of Warriors apparel in Thrive City’s plaza in San Francisco.

Strategically designed and aesthetic displays enhance retail spaces to elevate the shopping experience and make fans feel special when purchasing curated items, thus encouraging customer loyalty.

Kids Discovery Village


We roll-formed and jet-cut custom aluminum fabricated aluminum box letters filled with succulents for the Kids Discovery Village Expo’s 600-gallon foundation at the Great Park in Irvine. This special project encouraged our creativity and reminded us to embrace the fun of thinking like a child again.

We pride ourselves on creating inviting spaces for families in Southern California and giving each of them a unique, shiny touch!