Industries We Serve


Our Industries

We have been respected for 15 years as a metal fabrication company, serving a diverse clientele in multiple industries–from museums to automobiles–and demonstrating the superior quality of our craftsmanship.


To help racers stay on top of their game, we weld custom motorsport components to heighten their vehicle’s performance on the racetrack.


While still preserving aesthetics, we create architectural components that are both innovative and long-lasting to help provide an enjoyable environment in food and beverage, travel, lodging, and recreation.


We work hand in hand with our local government agencies to create necessary components for government buildings, parks, housing complexes, water treatment plants and more.

Architectural & Structural Steel

We fabricate essential aspects of buildings and industrial facilities to preserve the structural integrity of large-scale pieces. Ornamental or architectural, we forge timeless and iconically-shaped pieces leaving a lasting impression. Together we work with artists on artistry work and brainstorm ideas to shape a collaborative scope of work and vision that creates the foundation for the building process.

Museums, Exhibits & Trade Shows

With precision and accuracy, we provide a visual context and story to both interior and exterior high-quality and long-standing displays to immerse spectators. Working with the fastest and tightest deadline industry, we are flexible and deadline-driven working with quick turnaround times and always ready to hit tight timeframes, surpassing a client’s high expectations each time.

Retail & Commercial

With a brand’s story in mind, we build the framework and finishing details of a retail or commercial space that is durable, functional and encourages customer engagement.

Prime Metal Cutting Technology

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